Official Bio

Terri Liles Mason is a contemporary spiritual teacher and sacred music artist. With twelve years of mastership training in esoteric studies and meditation, Terri is particularly skilled in grasping the essence of these mystical teachings and grounding them into reality. Her passion is to support others to tap into this wisdom to bring more purpose, prosperity, ease and joy into their lives.    

Using her own tools of transformation, Terri spontaneously started singing & writing songs in 2006 without any formal musical training.

In 2009, she released her first album, and was ultimately nominated as Best New Artist. Her CD Om Gaia was nominated as Best Vocal Album and Best Relaxation/Meditation Album by worldwide broadcasters. She has toured extensively throughout the East Coast, having appeared at both Omega and Kripalu.

She has also appeared on numerous radio shows, including Women’s Radio Network which featured Terri & Om Gaia in an interview called “Mother Earth Sings” where she was cited for creating music to empower women’s voices.

Her new project is the launch of the Om Gaia Personal Mentorship Program. This unique one-on-one coaching program allows Terri to combine all of her wisdom and cosmic knowlege and allow it to guide individuals to take quantum leaps into their own unlimited potential with great ease and joy.

Her programs include Receive with Ease: Empowering the Feminine Spirit, Detox Your Mind, Detox Your Life, The Components of Love, and  21 Days of Ease and Joy.  If you are ready to dramatically accelerate your  own transformation and that of the world, these programs are for you. 

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Whether through music, meditation or personal coaching, Terri'’s work is dedicated to transformation and to raising the awareness of the importance of the feminine essence as the key to unlocking ease and joy in life.

A graduate of the University of Texas and holding a master’s degree, Terri also has a corporate background, including ten years at Glamour Magazine. She brings her unique personal insight, sense of humor and vast expertise of all things cosmic into all she does.

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A personal message from Terri

When reading my official bio, I almost don't recognize that person as me! I highly recommend everyone write one, as you will be amazed at what you learn about yourself.

The real message I want to get out here is that as a working woman and also a wife and mother of two teenagers, I started looking for ways to experience my life with more ease & less stress.

 The main thing I learned in that process is that learning to nurture myself was the first thing that had to happen. Without taking the time for that, there is no space to allow anything else to come in. All the things that you read in my bio started gradually unfolding as I practiced giving to me the time and energy I am always so willing to give to others. 

For that to happen, what it requires is the energy of expansion, which is always additive, and never asks you choose one thing over another. So expansion, which is the realm of the feminine essence, is the key to being all that we are. Learning to access that magical gift we all have is one of my missions, and what this website is all about!

 So what you will find here are tools for expanding and allowing ourselves to open to our heart's desires, even if we don't really know what those are.

My singing is a prime example of that. I honestly had no idea how much I loved singing until I was drawn to attend a ecstatic chanting weekend. I barely even knew what chanting was at the time.

Now, a few years later, my singing has led me to add a whole new dimension to my life that not only nurtures me, but others at the same time. Now THAT is transformation.

 AND SO, my website is a beautiful way for me to share the things that have helped me to remember that all of life is sacred. With practice, wonder and joy can be found in both the ups and the downs, for it is the journey of life itself that is important.

What I have spent 20 years discovering is that we change the world by changing ourselves. My hope is to make that process a little easier for anyone ready to move along that path.

 And so, I wish each of you ease & joy as you journey to discover the sacredness of your own self and move to experience the life that lies within your dreams.

 With love,

 I AM Terri