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The Components of Love

Love is the fabric of the Universe, so why do we so rarely feel it? Together we will explore the individual components that create the feeling of LOVE and determine which componenet is missing in your relationships. From there I will personally coach you to restore these components to your life until you have the abilty to receive the love you deserve.

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Opening the Flow of Ease and Joy

Change your Karmic blueprint of dis-ease, overwhelm and pain. Start manifesting Ease & Joy in your life TODAY with this new 21 day program.

The new course is enhanced with beautiful guided meditations set to the music of Om Gaia, which supports the FLOW of creation. Creating with the FLOW is very different than the linear process we are all familiar with. So while the flow makes things much easier, it also takes some getting used to, which is why the new course is happening NOW!

If you do one thing for yourself this year let THIS be it!  The course is only availble throuth the Daily Om website, as I wrote it specifically for their 900,000 subscribers. you can own the whole program for as little as $10! Click here for more info:

Detox Your Thoughts, Detox your Life

The benefits of de-toxing the body are widely known and practiced.

We are not as aware, however, of how toxic thoughts also contribute to dis-ease, even to the point of accelerating the aging process.  In fact, toxic thought patterns affect every aspect of our lives from relationship, career, and money flows.  After a free personal assessment, we will decide how to move forward as I personally coach you with  specific practices to shift this debilitating thinking process to one that will begin to open up new potentials for you effortlessly!

“To change your life, you must first change your mind”






After two years of touring with Om Gaia Live in Concert, Terri completed her tour at the famed Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY in June.   She is now in the studio working on new music.

In the interim, Terri has been guided to offer a limited number of Personal Mentorships. Working one-on one with individuals who are ready to take a quantum leap in consciousness,Terri is sharing her extensive wisdom, intuition and 12 years of mastership training to launch her clients into their own unknown potentials.

In Terri's words, " It is extremely rewarding to see the caliber of  those who are showing up to take this journey with me, and to see how quickly they are learning these important Universal Principles. Not only are they expanding their own beings, they are contributing to the awakening of our planet. It is an honor to work with such dedicated individuals so intimately."

So, what makes me qualified to help you transform your life?

Let's start with my 20 years of training in evolving the consciouness of humanity.  Evolution of the world's current fear based consciousness is a big task, which can only be accomplished ONE PERSON at a time. So when you uplift yourself, you uplift the world. 

My unexpected careers as a sacred music artist and meditation teacher taught me that clearly. 

Additionally, throughout my life I have successfully launched and enjoyed SIX completely different careers, including:

1.     Masters Degree in Education- Elementary teacher -  mentoring children

2.     Real estate Broker- million dollar producer

3.     Director of Sales Development for Glamour Magazine- six figure salary

4.     Mom (by far my most challenging job) - Priceless!

5.     Meditation Teacher  -developing inner peace

6.     Sacred Music Artist—Voted Best New Artist AFTER the age of 50!

if you are ready to take your life in a new direction, I am here to personally coach to do that.

Working together entirely through personal phone contact, and online, my programs will build awareness of these crucial principles of creation and use them to create a life full of prosperity, passion and the deep abiding peace that happens in response to doing so. There is no travel involved. And the schedule is completely flexible to accommodate your personal timeframe.

This is a one-on one coaching program, and I can only accept a limited number of people into it.  So consider this your invitation to allow me to bring my track record of success, and my 20 years of mastership training and put them at your service to guide your own personal transformation, and discover what is holding you back from living your dreams.

Life, my friends, is meant to be an adventure, and NOW is the time to have it!

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 Namaste, beautiful beings