The Goddess Speaks


Fifteen years ago, on a lark with a group of girlfriends, I took a class to learn to communicate with our spirit guides. We were instructed to journal daily for 30 days to establish a dialogue with our guides.

 At some point during that 30 days, I wrote a message from a being that called herself Ansharia, Goddess of the Golden Sun. I was so struck with the beauty of the message I ask, "Who are you?"

"I am your sacred feminine essence, and I have been waiting for you to call me forth," was the reply.

I remember being mesmerized by the words, not really knowing what they meant. I could feel my heart pounding, and a feeling beyond time & space surround me. Thus began my conversations with the Goddess, my own feminine essence, that continues to this day.

Since then, I have become familiar with the magic of the feminine essence, the importance of awakening to her, and the healing power of her unconditional love. While my journals are quite personal, I have decided to share them to remind everyone of this beautiful being that is part of all of us.

So enjoy these messages.  I welcome your comments, questions, or experiences as we dive into the heart of the Goddess and bask in her nurturing love.


Begin each reading by breathing three three long slow deep breaths into your belly to open space to receive the goddess energy. Then center yourself and relax into the flow of her words.

Message One

This is a long message so take your time, stopping to breath often. Each time you read it, different layers of awareness will become apparent as you strengthen your energetic connection.

 Awakening the Goddess Meditation

And now I am going to take you on a journey to re-connect you to your sacred feminine essence, known to self as the Goddess- a being so radiant and expansive, so wise and beautiful, you can scarcely believe she is you.

 Yet, she is… place your hand on your heart and radiate in compassion for yourself

Now, envision if you will this beautiful being coming towards you. Greet her with the joy of seeing a long lost friend - for that is what she is

Breathe her in and feel her energy flow through you like a rushing stream: Sparkling…bubbling… cleansing a river of liquid light, a river of liquid love This is the energy of the goddess.

Dear Ones,

 For it has been a long time since my voice has been heard on your planet . Mine is the essence of softness, flowing ever in all directions – Beautiful, Brave, Bold.

Perhaps you have forgotten me – Yet I am ever present. You only need close your eyes for a moment to call me back. For I course through your body with the strength of 1000 armies

Who would gladly lay down their arms for a moment of the peace that is found within my arms, my heart, my belly, my bosom. Close your eyes and remember. Focus on the energy of me flooding your body.

Hold that focus and breathe me in – the Goddess. Filling you up with my essence – the Goddess. Alive, vital, supremely content. Confident in who she is, for she is you. Blessed and honored among the multitudes. Loved endlessly and cherished by man. Manifested on earth within you.

 Who’s very touch can heal a broken heart, a broken spirit, a child’s tears. Breathe me in and together we will nurture the fragile flowers of self to bloom and grow back to wholeness. Where we always were—but simply forgot.

And our energy will fall upon the earth like a warm summer rain. Allowing, Loving, Being. And together we shall go where few have gone

And our joy will be immense

 And we will celebrate our together-ness as we create the next expression of a self that has the wisdom of the ages embedded in its being.

This being is you. This being is me. Here. Now. Breathe in the possibility of it. Give yourself permission to dream

For as you do, the dream is realized. May you choose to feel me close to you Guiding you and protecting you As you receive my very being into yours.

In love all-ways with you I AM,

The Goddess


Goddess Message #2  ~ Self-Nourishment. 

Most women  I know understand the importance of  giving to others. However, they often forget that self-nourishment is just as important. In fact, if one always gives and  never receives, eventually you will feel like a well that has run dry, leaving you spent, exhausted  and eventually empty. If this situation applies to you,  click on MESSAGE TWO and read this message from the Goddess Hina about replenishing self. 


Goddess message #3 ~ Dancing Through Change

This message from my own sacred feminine essence, who calls herself Ansharia of the Golden Sun is one of my favorites. With the rapid change we are experiencing on this planet, her words are both comforting & supportive, not to mention beautiful. Click on Message Three to enjoy.








Goddess School

Who is the Goddess?

 The Goddess is the expression of the feminine, receptive principle of the Universe.

Her breath sets energy in motion, and the vast & deep oceans hold her resulting emotions that are created by her movement.

She is the flow of all things, the continuous, ever expanding principle of creation.. She is the dance of life.

The expression of the goddess is so vast she is often represented by the trinity of maiden, mother & wise woman.

As the maiden, hers is the realm of innocence & beauty, desire & passion. She is the pure & untamed heart.

As the mother, her womb is the great fertile void that holds all unknown potential. She receives the seed of imagination, germinates it, then nurtures it until it is ready to unfold.

As the wise woman, she is grace, allowing all expression of self, as she knows it is part of the ever expanding whole which flows through her with ease & joy.

She is all of these things simultaneously, so she might also appear as a fiery child, a passionate mother or a playful wisewoman. While many seek to contain her, her power cannot be contained. To attempt to do so only results in the contraction of space her flow creates.

The Goddess energy is a part of every human being on this planet, the gift of Gaia, should they choose to receive her. To invite her into your life, one must be willing stay in the moment, be flexible, and allow the dance of the unknown to guide you.

 Then all you need do is breathe deeply and watch the magic of the Universe unfold before you....