2017 arrives with shock waves of energy!

All I can say at this moment is OMG!

2017 has ushered in new and intensified levels of transformational energy around the world.  The energy shifts are non-stop, speeding up manifestation exponentially. Which can be exciting, as well as overwheming. 

First, our shadow self is showing up even more relentlessly than usual  for us to see and shift.  Easier said than done in many cases as these UNIVERSAL shadows of old patriarchal programming are triggering massive reactions.  The Women's March in January ignited the suppressed espression and outrage women have felt for many centuries or even longer on our planet.

The transparency of how deeply this is still held in the human psyche could no longer be contained and it exploded across the board in fits of anger from the top levels of America's new leadership against women's rights, human rights, and even the rights of Planet Earth on every level. 

Apparently we needed to become aware of how destructive this path is, so we can now rise up to set a new intention AND take action for our Planet and ALL of its inhabitants. Amazingly, this is what the women, men, and children did together on ONE day in January which simultaneously ignited waves of PURE JOY flowing around the planet and healing the world as their expression was received with great love from beings on AND off the planet. From where I sit at this moment, the voices of the majority of humanity are being heard louder than ever. The intention is clear and action is being taken from all levels to uplift our planet.

There is still much to be done which will require both patience and the abilty to see these shadows as somehow stuck in our own psyches as well. I have personally been working on this and I offer one simple phrase that has helped me tremendously as I attempt to receive the outrage that is showing up  as right/wrong programming, that has existed on this planet literally forever. 

So, as you hear, read or personally encounter any expression that sends you into reaction, take a deep breath, and say these words, outloud if possible:

I am ME, and I express myself in many different ways in every moment of every day.

That's it. No right. No wrong. No judgement. No stories. Then simply stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and allow that thought to flow through you,  opening space for the possibility of a new experience that can receive all of that expression.

If I am really honest with myself, can I say I never judge another woman, person or situation?  Can I say I never judge my OWN expression of self? 

No, I cannot. So we have all collectively created a situation that we can no longer ignore, and saying the simple phrase above will begin the healing process. And, when heal yourself in any given moment, you also contribute to healing the world. 

We cannot change other people, but we can ALWAYS change ourselves.


This is where I am beginning. I allow myself to express whatever I am feeling, then receive it with love by repeating the above statements over and over. I encourage you to do the same.

If any of you feel you need some personal attention to work through some of this, contact me and we can arrange for a consultation.

I also highly recommend my new Easy and Joy program, which it seems I wrote for this exact time frame. In 21 days, for 10 minutes a day, you will be guided to RELAX into this energy, which we all desperately need to do. 

You will also receive with ease new tools for dealing with all that is happening now as you flow with the deep love of Sacred Feminine Essence.

So that's it for today, my friends. Click here for more info on the Ease and Joy program.


Until next time,

I AM Terri



Opening the Flow of Ease and Joy


This summer,  I was invited to write a new version of my 21 Day Ease and Joy program for the Daily Om, which is a well known and respected meditation website.

After three months of re-writing, I am delighted to announce that my new online course, Opening the Flow of Ease and Joy is available NOW on the Daily Om.

The new course is enhanced with beautiful guided meditations set to the music of Om Gaia, which supports the FLOW of creation. Creating with the FLOW is very different than the linear process we are all familiar with. So while the flow makes things much easier, it also takes some getting used to, which is what the course is all about. 

Click here for an overview

It has always been my desire to reach as many people as possible with my message, and the Daily Om, with close to one million subscribers is making that particular dream of mine come true.

What I also like about the Daily Om is that they offer a "choose your own payment plan" with the price of the whole course starting at $10!

And, once you have it, you get to keep it and re-visit the lessons and meditations you like best whenever you choose. The course also includes  a discussion group for all participants which I will be monitoring and offering feedback on. So its an awesome program.  

Click here to order


Until next time,

Breath deep, stay well and see you at the Daily Om!




2016 is Happening!

Hello, hello, hello, fellow journeyers and kindred spirits!

Like most of us, I have spent much of 2015 in shock with the debilitating events that now happen in our world daily.  How can we process any of it?


I feel fortunate that I have had such intensive spiritual and personal growth training. Without it, I think I would feel hopeless.  As you might guess I have a very interesting and diverse group of friends, and I follow their individual journeys.  I have come to feel that while we are each on our own path, which are seemingly very different, as we continuously cross paths we will eventually find ourselves in the same place.  And what place is that?


To answer that question, I will share what messages are up for me in 2016, as I am getting them fast and furiously.


First of all, 2016 is a 9 year. I have no idea how or why  numerology seems to be spot on with what is up with me and in the world, but is always is. Nine is a year of completion. It is a triple trinity and brings with it that power and a certain sense of urgency.  So, what is it I am trying to complete?


Apparently, it is time for me to take a leap of faith and complete the letting go process of any and all thought patterns, feelings and old stories of me and my past that no longer serve me.

What I am letting go of is probably thousands of years of conditioning that has been hard wired into my brain. What I am letting go of is judgement of myself, and the world, as it is accomplishing nothing other than to keep me distracted and repeating the same things over and over. On this front, I have the awareness when this is happening, and I all I really need to practice is stopping it in the moment, and letting it go in peace.  


The other message I am getting on every front is to embrace the unknown One of my mantras is that all potential is held in the unknown.  While I have experienced this many times, sitting in the space of an unknown future often makes us uneasy. So I have quite a bit of consciously practicing being in and with the unknown in the year ahead.


Obviously, letting go is a big part of opening the space for allowing new unknown potentials to flow in. And that excites me enough to make the extra effort I am asking myself to make.


So to answer the first question of “Where is the place we will all come together?"


The answer is the unknown.  Meaning to me, our paths as creator beings will continue to flow in and out of each other’s space as we flow together to create a world of our dreams.
The unknown is never more than a breath away.  So give yourself time to dream my friends, even if it’s just a few moments a day and I promise you, I will meet you there.


So here we are and here we go with 2016.  If any of this resonates with you and you are moved to explore your own journey further, I am still offering personal coaching, as it continues to be one of my favorite ways to contribute to the world. If you are interested simply contact me and we will discuss how to make that can work for you.


For now, I wish you many blessings and much courage in the coming year to you and yours.


Om Gaia Forever...


Apparently, Om Gaia's mission is far from over. So due to a great outpouring of support from many, I have decided to keep my site up and running.

Nothing, really could make me much happier.  I am still offering personal coaching sessions .As I mentioned before, I only have linited  numbers of  the Om Gaia CD left, so if you are a CD fan, you may want to order now. And I will personally autograph every order that goes out!

Otherwise, downloads will continue to be available at www.cdbaby.com/terrililesmason

If you are new to Om Gaia, take your time to explore the site. My seven year journey with Om Gaia is full of interesting experiences and yes, even some nuggets of wisdom gained along the way.

If you are already a member of  my tribe, perhaps you want to explore going even deeper. If so, contact me for a free consultation and we will take it from there.

Thats it for now. I am delighted to know that the music of Om Gaia will continue to move through the world, sending her love and  healing to all she touches.

Om Gaia    Om Shanti   Peace

Now and forever

My love to you and yours,


A Message from Om Gaia





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