OM GAIA LYRICS The songs of OM GAIA can also be used to set intention to affect change. Each of these intentions is noted after the title of each song.


Call on Gaia to open space to flow nurturing love for all
that you are, and all that you shall be

Om Gaia, Mani Padme Hum
Hare Om Gaia!

Hail Gaia, Beloved Mother of Earth

Jewel in the Crown of the Lotus

2012 & Beyond

As 2012 approaches, the Mayan calendar ends, signaling the end of an age of mankind. As this happens, Gaia moves to open the space for a new age to manifest on Earth. Our hearts sing with joy as our beloved Mother Earth completes her sacred journey and begins anew.

Oh beautiful Gaia, oh Mother my own
I honor your journey, the seeds have been sown
The leap I must take now, I honor that too
As I open my heart, for me & for you

This great undertaking is not without fear
Yet we will stay present right now & right here
Our feet on the ground reminds us we’re near
To creating a world of all we hold dear

Hare Om Gaia, Om Gaia, Om Gaia, Om
Hare Om, Hare Om, Hare Om, Gaia, Om

Translation: Hail beloved Gaia of all that is

Such waves of emotion, I fear I might drown
Help me,Gaia to hold my ground
I look at the sky & I see it is me
I look at the ground & it’s my feet I see

I feel the expansion as light fills my soul
I remember this feeling, I am whole
A being so vast it frightens the soul
I just have to be here, that’s all that I know


O beautiful Gaia of the Earth & stars
You feel what is coming, it is in your heart
You see the vision as it unfolds
O tell us dear Gaia, what you behold

Now slow deep breaths is all that’s required
And in flows all that we have desired
Our focused intention brings it right here
It’s easy, so easy, nothing to fear


Pillars of light throughout the land
Dissolving illusion as it stands
Softly pulsing the beating heart
Feeling the love from the very start

To each his own, choices now clear
Transforms the world, now so dear
The energies needed await my command
To bring into being all that I am


I want you to know that I’ve blessed the land
Now you are its stewards, forever grand
Find abundant nature, newly done
Rising from the Golden Sun

A peace pervades throughout the day
Will it last? I cannot say.
So for now, know it is done
A brand new day, a brand new sun

Chorus repeats to the end


The Dragon Kingdom has long served as guardians of the Earth. They do so even to this day. The wisest of these is Petrayumsa. Call on her great spirit to help you open space to allow your heart felt wisdom to emerge.


Long ago when the earth was but new & full of rainbow light, great beings came to visit her & bring their gifts, so that all the beings of earth could forever know All That Is and remember the vibration of love………

Great Being of the Heart
Wisdom of infinity
Holding the opening
For all eternity
For every creature great & small
Your focused love embraces all

O great Petrayumsa
Um Sa Ha
Um Sa Ra
Kali Ma, Shivaya
Jai Ma Jai Ma
Heya heya

O great Petrayumsa
Make space within my heart
Bring me the wisdom of infinity
Fill me with love for eternity


Oh sweet Petrayumsa
I am the rhythm in your soul
I hold the vision of the whole
I am the wisdom of infinity
I feel your love for all humanity


Now may the earth prevail
With your love we cannot fail
We flow the wisdom of infinity
We feel the love of totality

Oh great Petrayumsa
Um Sa Ha, Um Sa Ra
Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Kali Ma, Shivaya
Heya, heya, Jai Ma, Jai Ma
Um so Say, Heya, heya
So Say Hum
Oh we are one
Petrayumsa, we are one
Oh So Hum, we are one
Heya, Heya, we are one
Always One

*The chant is a combination of Sanskrit & Native American symbolizing the oneness of the earth and the stars.
It translates as:
May the infinite light of being manifest on earth with ease & joy removing all obstacles to the Mother here & now

* Jai Ma is Sanskrit for victory to the Mother


This traditional prayer to the Ancient Mother is answered by Her, reminding each of us that we are loved beyond knowing

Invocation: Ancient Mother, I hear you calling
Ancient Mother, I hear your song
Ancient Mother, I hear you calling
Ancient Mother, I call your name

Response: Beloved Children, I hear you calling
Beloved Children, I am here
I guide you & protect you
You can always feel me near
For you are with me & I am with you
Never doubt that, never fear


I have loved you through the ages
You are the children of my heart
You are safe now, please remember
We can never be apart
For you’re within me & I’m within you
We are one child, now you see


And now you’re growing & life’s expanding
And I am with you even still
So be fearless on your journey
As you birth your own sacred self
Know that you’re with me
Know that you are me
As we flow together forevermore…


Ancient Mother, Beloved Mother
Sacred Mother, Sacred Children
Ancient Mother, Beloved Mother
I am your song
Ancient Mother, I hear you calling
Ancient Mother, I am here



Eleyakeha comes in to remind us that by connecting to our innate childlike nature, we create a portal to a yet unknown world of beauty where all of our childhood dreams come true

What always was, what is to come
Eleyakeha, of the One

Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha, fairy child
Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha, sweet & mild
Innocent, graceful, pure & divine
And holding the focus for all of your kind
Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha

Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha, radiant child
Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha, so sweet & mild
Born at the mercy of the great warrior nation
Holding the softness for all of creation
Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha

Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha, oh here I am
Come & join me
Touch the ground
Oh bring your joy & sparkling ways
Be here now, full of grace
Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha

So lighten your heart, & let it soar
Into the heights, fear no more
For the great warrior nation that you so fear
Bows down in honor of you, my dear
For holding the gifts of softness & grace
And letting them be within that space
Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha

Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha, fairy child
Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha, free & wild
So come out of hiding & step forward now
Receive your love, you know how
For now is your time to sparkle & shine
Reminding us all that we are divine
Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha

So sing your song, so pure & true
Pierce my heart as you dance through
Come & remind me that I’m divine
Eleyakeha, Eleyakeha, fairy child mine
Oh Eleyakeha, beautiful one,
Eleyakeha, beautiful child
We love you


The I AM presence reminds us that in essence, we just are & that the myriad of experiences we create as individuals adds a valuable richness to the whole of creation. Practice saying YES I AM to create new, more flexible neural pathways in the mind to support ease of expansion.

I AM….I AM…. I AM…

I AM & I AM me & I AM here & I AM here now
I keep my feet on the ground & then I sound & I AM found
And I AM & I AM me & I can see & I can be
And I AM Yes I AM & I AM Yes, I AM
I AM me & I AM me here & I AM clear & I AM dear
And I’m a seer & I AM near
And I AM Yes I AM
And I AM still & I can feel & I can heal
And I AM Yes I AM
I keep my feet on the ground, as the circle goes round
I AM the earth & the stars and I AM my heart
& I AM me & I AM me & I breathe & create ease
& I AM Yes I AM and I AM me
And I move & I can soothe & I can flow, so here I go.
Oh, oh, oh……
Yes I AM & I AM me
Yes I AM & now I’m free
Yes I AM Yes I AM I AM here now
& I AM Yes I AM I just AM, someway & somehow
I just AM here right now
Yes I AM right now
And I AM …


As Gaia opens to receive her long separated sacred masculine self, the divine union brings bliss to all

O beautiful Gaia
Can it be true?
A voice so familiar
Is it really you?

I’ve traveled for eons through great rifts of time
Always in search for that which is mine
Then all of a sudden your voice rang through
I knew in my heart that it was you

Breaching the wall that imprisoned my heart
Releasing the pain from the very start
Can you forgive me, my beautiful one
A journey so painful, my heart it did stun

My heart always empty, longing for you
My hope almost gone when I heard you break through

O beautiful Gaia of the Golden Sun
I am here. We are one.
O beautiful Gaia of the Golden Sun
Come to me, we are one

Illusions that told me that you were not here
That I could be something I’m not, full of fear
Illusions that captured your essence from me
Your voice pierced my heart, now we are free

To merge together, a union so rare
Elixir of love floats through the air
And filling my heart so full, will it burst?
Finally quenching this unbearable thirst

The heart that touches me, and the soul that is mine
Completing the whole of a love divine
Here on the earth, into your core
Here I am, open the door

O beautiful Gaia of the Golden Sun
I am here. We are One.
O beautiful Gaia of the sun above
Come to me now, elixir of love

O beautiful Gaia of the Golden Sun
O beautiful Gaia, O beautiful Gaia, we are one
O beautiful Gaia of the sun above
Come to me now
Elixir of Love


Invoke the ease, power, & joy of staying present with ourselves & with one another. If we can just stay in the now moment, even in the presence of adversity, it opens space for unknown solutions to appear.

So stay with me & I’ll stay with you
Stay with me, stay with me, stay with me stay

For so long I’ve called you from so far away
Now that I’ve found you, stay with me stay
So close beside me you whisper my name
The tears start falling, both joy & pain


Stay with me stay & together we’ll see
The beautiful sunset no more to be
With colors so rare filling the air
Bowing in honor to all that is there


Stay with me stay & together we’ll see
The beautiful sunrise o’er the beautiful sea
Standing together, hand in hand
We’ll breathe forth new life across the land


Stay with me stay& together we’ll see
The dawn of awakening of what is to be
Scanning the distance for what is to come
Awaiting the splendor of the world as One

So I’ll stay with you & you’ll stay with me
Throughout this night & just one more day
So stay with me & I’ll stay with you stay
Throughout this night & just one more day


To move into new potentials of being, Eirin reminds us to release who we think we are and trust our hearts to begin again.

Come to me now, Eirin, Eirin
Come hear your story
Begin again

A child so full of the light of the sun
Fleeing the darkness, forever to run
Full of compassion for everyone else
Courageous & strong, do no wrong
Holding the banner, brave & true
Hiding the pain inside of you

So let it all out, Eirin, Eirin
Trust your heart. Breathe it in.
Child of beauty, child of light
Now is the time for you to take flight

Into creation, no more delay
Into creation, time to play
Feel the weight of the world tumble off
Focus inside on all that is soft
Finding the balance of light & dark
Serene & wise, now you start

Breathe your joy, Eirin, Eirin
Down to your toes, begin again
Child of beauty, child of sight
Woman of meaning, being of light

Here in the stars, we know who you are
We know all you do, we love you
Eirin, Eirin, here you go
Eirin, Eirin let it all flow
Here you are now Eirin, Eirin
Now’s the time, begin again

Eirin, Eirin, Eirin, Eirin
Breathe your joy, Eirin, Eirin
Down to your toes, begin again
Child of beauty, child of sight
Woman of meaning, being of light

So let it all out, Eirin, Eirin
Trust your heart. Breathe it in.
Child of beauty, child of light
Now is the time for you to take flight

Breathe your joy, Eirin, Eirin
Down to your toes, begin again
Child of beauty, child of sight
Woman of meaning, being of light

Eirin, Eirin, Eirin, Eirin
Breathe your joy, Eirin, Eirin
Down to your toes, begin again
Child of beauty, child of sight
Woman of meaning, being of light

Eirin Eirin, begin again


At the end of the day, among all beings of light, it is humanity who stands on the precipice of eternity, radiating the magical essence of Gaia into the fertile void of divine potential. With courage & joy, we take a deep breath & become the beautiful beings we have always dreamed of

Oh beautiful beings, here I am now
Filled to completion, someway & somehow
And as one journey ends, another begins
And it’s a journey of courage surrounded by friends
‘Cause I’m a beautiful being, oh I’m a beautiful being
Oh I’m a beautiful being, here I am now
Oh here I am now, someway & somehow

I open my heart & out flows the pain
And in flows my soul, I’m whole again
And with each breath I take, the process completes
So each breath I take is oh, so sweet
And as one journey ends another begins
And it’s a journey of joy surrounded by friends
Oh beautiful beings, oh beautiful beings
We’re the beautiful beings. Here we are now

I feel within me, I’m down on my knees
Then I see who I am and I’m light as a breeze
And my vision expands beyond where I know
And my heart fills the void with rays of gold
And as one journey ends another begins
And it’s a journey of dreams surrounded by friends

Oh beautiful beings, oh beautiful beings
Oh we’re such beautiful beings.
Here we are now Here we are now, someway & somehow
Oh here we are now

Oh beautiful beings, here we go now
And nothing can stop us, no way & no how
Because we walk on the earth and we spin through the clouds
And home is all places. We sing out loud.
And as one journey ends another begins
And it’s a journey of creation together with friends

Oh beautiful beings, O beautiful beings
Here we go now, someway & somehow
Here we go now, beautiful beings
We’re the beautiful ones
We are Love


A NOTE ABOUT THE ARTWORK All of the beautiful artwork on this website is from the cover art for Om Gaia. It was all designed by Randy Reed Designs & Illustration. Many thanks to Randy for channeling my vision for this project!




International                                                  Top 10


Best Vocal CD                                                  Best Relaxation CD                                          Best Meditation CD                                          Best New Artist

ASCAP PLUS Award 2010,2011

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" Om Gaia is hypnotic,full of warm sounds and drifting vocals.  With a voice soft & clear, Terri delivers on her promise to soothe the soul."

RJ Lannan - The Sounding Board

"Mason interweaves affirming melodies and lush harmonic layers with trance-like instrumental streams.

The title track resonates on a subconscious level.

 Om Gaia is an odyssey worth taking."

        Kate Goldsmith,

 "Terri's voice is not only etherically beautiful, but also grounded in earthly passion, a rare expressive blend. The production is flawless."

     Sharon Gannon, Founder, Jivamukti Yoga School, NYC

" Mason’s voice is hypnotic and earthy as she honors the magic of the sacred feminine. With lyrics full of hope and positive energy, the music provides a very warm and uplifting experience for the listener.

“Elixir of Love”, a slow and sensual love song, is one of my favorites.  “Beautiful Beings” concludes the journey with joy, hope, and encouragement set to a catchy melody.

Overall, “Om Gaia” is a very upbeat and spiritual musical experience that celebrates Mother Earth and all who inhabit it.


Kathy Parsons

"Terri's voice is lovely and the music takes the listener on a mystical journey. I'm delighted with your creative version of Ancient Mother."

Robert Gass, Spring Hill Music


Om Gaia is rich in both depth & texture, lovely!

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More Quotes!

Your Om Gaia is incredible! Do you plan to release more music in the near future?
Best regards,
BT Fasmer


"My children ages 6 and 8 think your CD is the best thing they have ever heard. It calms down the arguing and conflicts like magic. Their favorite song is Ancient Mother ... they want me to put it on repeat at night to fall asleep! I cannot tell you how much your CD has meant to us."

Kathi C. ~ Mom, Hamilton, TX 

 "OM Gaia" plays over and over in my waking life and in my sleep, healing & transforming my past. 
Your voice, your music and your spirit move me to tears ... then to dance ... and on to a new found JOY.  I'm telling every woman I know about you and your amazing gift in song.   I believe the healing brought about by your music will reach farther than you could ever imagine.  

Terri, Thank YOU!”                                             Debbie Connery, Washington State


Hi Terri - Your music is destinated to a small echantion of listeners. Is an experience for a sensible people . Thank you for your message.

 Constantin Ivanes,  Radio Cluj, Romania

Thank you so much Terri.   Your music is so important to me. What a blessing, it supports me so much.
Rhea Slichter
Master Teacher,

Baptiste Vinyasa Yoga

Cambridge, MA

 I found samples of your music and ordered it immediately as it is matching all my readings and meditations...
It is such a paradise-feeling when I listen to it :-) Thank you for your wonderful music.

Giselle, Luxemburg

"Love the lyrics, love the sound, love your voice. So glad I got to see you singing in person."

Deby Goldenberg, yoga instructor

"Holy crap, Terri. I am blown away by your music. Incredible. I love the way you put modern beats to it ... and I can't believe your voice! "

Nick Seifert, President, Fischer Productions

"Terri, I love OM GAIA - you are one fine instrument!
Thanks for the web site. Jai and love,"

Janice Wilcox, Yoga Journey

"Terri - I just want you to know that I have just - for the first time - listened to your CD while  doing yoga. It is -You are awesome! I received some realizations in an area that I have been deeply desiring some movement. Thank you."

Amy Ford, Soulfire Vibrational Essences

"Terri, I love doing bodywork to OmGaia. Thanks! "

Kristine Schares, massage therapist

"Terri! Where you been hiding that beautiful voice? Absolutely fabulous!"

Pam Barkentin Blackburn, photographer

"Terri - Your integrity runs thru this whole album and I'm sure your life as well. Wow, what a debut."

Randy Reed Designs & Illustrations

"I am loving this CD. I also love the cover graphics. Wow - I am so inspired that you did this."

Michelle Walker, Owner, Coyote Moon

"Sat Nam Terri!!!!! You have brought soul and beauty to the mantra, music and intention. We are honored to carry your CD and recommend it to every loving soul that walks in our center. Peace, 2009 Soooo Divine!!!"

Mary Onna Mukhande

"Hello Terri!
Congratulations on the release of Om Gaia! It has been a joy to listen to and experience. It's helped me to open up more space inside to receive some deeper flows. I have so enjoyed your website, too!"

Kristine Salley, speech therapist

Hello Terri,
Your CD arrived today ... thank you very much !!
I'm listening to it right now ... fantastic !!
it´s a pleasure to play it on my next show in the New Age - Channel.  will also bring a  review in the next weeks on
this website is brandnew for News around the NewAge - Scene but only in german language ...
I invite you to listen to my Shows ;-)
Thanks again and best wishes, love and peace
Erich the Musicscout