We are living in a momentous time on Earth. 2016 is ushering in a new era of creator consciousness for humanity.

It is time to claim your birthright to live passionate lives of prosperity, ease and joy.

My consciousness training is designed to reconnect you to that innate flow. To do this, I retrain your consciousness to focus on connecting you to your own creatorship abilities. Pain and struggle of every kind can easily be transformed with new cutting edge tools I bring to my clients.

Suffice to say, the secrets of manifestation are no longer secret. They do however require awareness and practice.

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 OM GAIA Online Personal Transformation Program:

Opening the Flow of Ease and Joy

Spend 2016 vibing ease and joy. Practice turning pain into joy and struggle into ease with daily email message support for 21 days from Terri.  In about 10 minutes a day this program will move you into the easy flow. YOU DESERVE IT!

"Every message is like a gift."  Gary Golberg, In The Spirit Radio WRPI-91.5 FM

  "Masterful"   - Susan B. Darien, CT

    "I have just finished 21 Days and I can now shift my negative thinking patterns quickly and easily. Such a useful tool! Thank you.”

                - Brenda Marsden, Ontario, Canada

  "Such profound words. Thank you!” - S. Bupp, Washington, D.C.

  “Great visual and kinesthetic meditations"  - Kris S. Windham, Maine

   "This mantra works like a charm in keeping me calm and relaxed"

                - Deborah D.   Austin, TX

   "These encouraging words helped me through a challenging time"

                - Sue. D. Fairfield, CT

    “A loving reminder to myself” - Mira F   Andover, MA

  "Beautiful!"  - Judith A   Westport, CT

 Available through the Daily Om 

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This easy 21 Day program begins the process of creating new neural pathways in yor mind to Receive With Ease the joyful life that is your birthright.






Universal Teachings

 2019 Energy update

 2019  continues to usher  in massive waves of powerful energy on the planet.


This energy flow is removing in its wake the erroneous idea of separation we have between ourselves and each other & ourselves and the divine, ushering in the concept of interconnectedness, or oneness of being.

We are currently in the thick of it. It is of upmost importance to do your best to focus on what you DO have in your life , as opposed to what you do not have, as manifestation of everything we think & feel is happening  almost instantaneously.

Meaning all the good stuff & the stuff we don't like will be showing up in a very intense manner.

So monitor your thoughts! 


And it is opening the space for humanity to wield our own power of creation, a concept both exciting & terrifying for most of us!


However, the belief system of separation is a structure that is very deeply imbedded in the human psyche. So as this structure dissolves and the new paradigm or structure flows in to replace the old, we often don’t immediately recognize it and can be left with the feeling of loss.


This shows up as job changes, relationship changes, financial issues, etc.

So now is the time for us all to take a deep breath and start recognizing & clearing patterns we have that no longer serve us. These may be readily apparent to you as recurring situations that you are tired of experiencing, and would like to change.



If you are looking for help in this area, I can guide  you in identifying your patterns of stuckness, and create with you a personal  set of new intentions and recommendations to support your process. 





 1. Reception ( receiving what is)

2.The Now Moment (required to access choice)

3.Yes! (accesses the expansion flow)

 4.The Unknown (which holds all potential)

5. Verbal Expression (releases stuck energy)

6. Creatorship (I am the creator of all I experience) Within these six elements lies the secret of alchemy, and the ability to manifest our every desire.


1. Love

2. Gratitude

3. Courage

4. Compassion

5. Joy

Every other emotion we experience is either a component, or partial experience of the whole emotion  OR it is a denial  or polarized (opposite) experience of it.

This is a good thing to remember as we are in a habit of blaming our emotions for all kinds of things. Usually, this is because we are in reaction to not feeling the whole emotion in the first place.  To calm reaction, replace polarized, partial feelings with WHOLE ONES to experience immediate relief.